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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Nashville Women’s Breakfast Club? 

The Nashville Women’s Breakfast Club is a networking and business club formed in 1985 by Lynn May.  Lynn was a bank executive who decided she needed more female friends downtown. Since that time, the group has grown to support the business development of its members through networking and referrals.  The group has embraced a diversity of members from across the professional spectrum, as well as small business owners. 

When does the Club meet? 

The Club meets every Wednesday from 7:00 to 8:15 a.m.  The Club’s program chair coordinates weekly 20-30 minute presentations to the Club. Currently, the Club meets at Maggianos restaurant on West End. 

What are the obligations of Club members? 

Club dues are $660 annually, which may be paid quarterly ($165 per quarter).  Dues are used to pay for the space and food for the breakfast meetings and for small socials throughout the year.  Members are required to attend at least 50% of all meetings to be considered in good standing.  Members are also encouraged to participate informally by networking and socializing with other club members. 

What benefits does the Club offer? 

Every week, Club members get to network and visit with some of the most interesting business women in Nashville and also, through excellent programming, learn more about our wonderful city.  In addition to weekly meetings, the group organizes a fall and a spring social for the entire membership.  We invite past and present Club members to a special Christmas breakfast.  On the first Wednesday of December, we host a craft fair where Club members sell handcrafted items.  The Club also sponsors a book club and other small social events throughout the year.

How do I nominate a new member?

Any current member can sponsor a candidate for membership.  This is the process:  The member completes the Prospective Member Form and gives it to the Membership Chair.  It is the sponsor’s responsibility to check with others in the Club who may have a similar profession…and ask them if they have any concern/problem with the prospective new member’s profession. The Membership Chair then polls the board to determine if any professional conflict exists with any other member based on each member’s information on the Club website.  If there appears to be no conflict, the President will inquire about conflicts at the next meeting. If no member identifies a conflict at the meeting, the Membership Chair will invite the candidate to attend any three club meetings (except first Wednesdays) within the next sixty days.  After the candidate has attended three meetings, the Board will vote for final approval.

May I bring a guest to a meeting?

Yes, but guests must be approved before the meeting by the President or Membership chair.  You will be charged $25 for your guest.  A guest is not a prospective member; please use the new member process for visits by prospective members. 

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