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Celebrating The Women of Nashville Since 1985

Offering Educational, Cultural, Social, Charitable, and Service Opportunities in the Nashville area, the Nashville Women's Breakfast Club celebrates the best Middle Tennessee and strives to make our community a better place to live and work in.


About Nashville Women’s Breakfast Club

Who We Are​

The NWBC has 60 members and average 40 members per week at our meetings.  Our members include business owners, lobbyists, physicians, realtors, executives, CEO’s of non-profits, political strategists, and retired business owners and executives.

The Nashville Women’s Breakfast Club (NWBC), was founded in 1985 to network, learn about our community through speakers, and to share referrals and customers.



Our History

In 1985, Lynn May was the only woman in her department of the bank that became SunTrust. She decided she needed some female friends who worked downtown. Lynn formed the Gang of Four with Suzanne Braden, Patty Bryan and Lucy Owen.  By early 1986 they had founded the Nashville Women’s Breakfast Club.


Membership is by invitation only and members are screened to avoid professional competition. The idea is that members use each other’s services.

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